It’s been such a fast year, and look how big he’s gotten! Here’s a sneak peek of Asher’s last Grow With Me Session, as he is now 1! Check back for the full session!

While Georgia was visiting from Massachusetts, we thought we’d take advantage of the time, and work on some personal projects. I normally schedule sessions around that lovely golden sunset time, but had been wanting to try a sunrise session. One thing I love about fall mornings, is that enchanting fog that rolls in just before sunrise at the early parts of autumn here in Northwest Indiana. Georgia wore a handmade dress that my mamaw made my mom when she was a teen. We wanted a more serious/ mysterious feel to the shoot, which was rather difficult because we both tend to be ridiculous at times. We awoke long before sunrise to do hair and make up, and make it out to a marsh in North Judson. The fog was so thick over the marsh we could barely see the landscape. I love how milky the air was just before the sun rose. I think these images fit the time of year perfectly…

I have another special fall blog post coming up of this girl. Here are some images that I had to share, but thought needed a separate post. Georgia meet little hen, little hen meet Georgia.


It wasn’t really a holiday, but Georgia came for a visit, so we had to do some testing. I love being able to work on personal projects and Georgia is always the perfect model for them. I cleared time in my schedule, for “Georgia time”, which of course included a few visits to Temple for their amazing mochas, a trip to Chicago, eating spaghetti squash, and apple picking at Garwood Orchard. It was great having some fun personal time, since the summer has been so busy with work. We also managed to shoot some segments for my upcoming promo video. Here’s a teaser image of one of the sessions at a marsh in North Judson. This one was taken early in the morning just as the fog lifted. She’s wearing a handmade vintage dress of my mothers. My Mamaw Jordan made this and I’m so glad mom kept it.