Chickens are difficult to work with. My parents chickens stay in a pen and occasionally in the evenings they are let out to free range. On this particular evening, the girls (as we call them), we so excited to be out that they were not at all enticed with my tiny cup of bait. After quiet a show including my mother clanking on multiple cups of leftover goulash, we had a brief moment of baby meets chickens. Miss Ellia brought her grandma’s apron for the dirty task of gather eggs (hard boiled of course), and then required a bath in the sunset glow of the forest.


apron: vintage


lilac swiss dot, and blue dress: from The Whimsy Tree’s vintage collection


top knot headband: handmade by The Whimsy Tree


floral headband: Maya’s Curls

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This has been one busy season! I have some blogging to do to play catch-up! However, I’m taking a much needed mini-break to rest up from a recent ginormous project. So for now, here’s one little preview of what’s coming!

vintage baby

I could tell right away that this couple had a tender sweetness about them. Amy and I had collaborated through email and various Pinterest boards for this session. I love when clients and I have similar visions for their session. Amy wanted to incorporate things that were meaningful, like a quilt her grandmother made, and certain scriptures from the Bible. I knew  I needed an open field of something tall and swaying. I found the perfect location in San Pierre, Indiana, and it even had a field of sunflowers, as well as an open field of queen anne’s lace. We set out a bit before sunset, and even though the forecast called for clear weather, it quickly clouded up. I try before many of my sessions to pray and ask God to be my master lighter. Because I am a natural light photographer I cannot control the lighting, so I work with it and learn how to best use it. I remember seeing those clouds and thinking, okay God, you must have a plan. And He did! When I started processing the images I saw it right away. The sky was vivid and romantic, which really sets the tone to these passionate images. God can definitely produce a scene that metaphorically shows us the love a couple has for one another. Thanks Amy and Brandon for letting me capture your sweet love story!




What a fun location for a little one’s/maternity session! Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson was the perfect place for this family. There were plenty of places to explore and all the bright colors made it all the more interesting. I’m so glad the mom suggested it! Because the location was already so rich with things to keep a toddler busy, I scaled down on the props. I brought along a vintage suitcase, a quilt, and a few cars from my dads vintage train set. Although I live in North Judson, and had passed by the station numerous times, I had not actually stopped to see how cool the place was. I think this handsome toddler had a blast exploring!

While most of my time is taken with photography and graphic design, I do find some time to work on sewing projects. Here’s a sample of a dress I’m working on for an upcoming little one’s session. Since I don’t use patterns I thought I had better make a practice dress before I made the real outfit. This one has a kid friendly pocket for carrying little friends. You’ll find the dress for sale in the etsy store soon. I already love this sweet little dress and have decided it must be made into an adult size!