It wasn’t really a holiday, but Georgia came for a visit, so we had to do some testing. I love being able to work on personal projects and Georgia is always the perfect model for them. I cleared time in my schedule, for “Georgia time”, which of course included a few visits to Temple for their amazing mochas, a trip to Chicago, eating spaghetti squash, and apple picking at Garwood Orchard. It was great having some fun personal time, since the summer has been so busy with work. We also managed to shoot some segments for my upcoming promo video. Here’s a teaser image of one of the sessions at a marsh in North Judson. This one was taken early in the morning just as the fog lifted. She’s wearing a handmade vintage dress of my mothers. My Mamaw Jordan made this and I’m so glad mom kept it.

I had several pre-session detail shots from this recent session that I thought deserved a separate post. I also thought I would share how I made some of the items for the session for those other crafty people out there that are like myself.

My session theme was based on color and location, and I instantly thought of lemons and berries when I saw what the children were wearing. I didn’t want to do the typical lemonade stand so I made a fun yellow and white cotton canopy (idea from here), and set up a small table and tree stumps for chairs. I included some other props in the scene that could help occupy little hands such as lemon crisps, lemons, berries, and a yellow parasol.

The most time consuming project was the canopy, but it was definitely worth it. I cut 3.5″ strips of yellow and white cotton about three yards in length and sewed each strip together, alternating colors. I hemmed the top,  bottom, and raw sides but gave a larger pocket at the top to allow for different things to fit. Think of curtain panels. I ended up just using a bent wire clothes hanger for the top, but you could also use an embroidery hoop. I then used safety pins on several inner sides to tie a thin rope to, and then tie it to the tree branch. You could also use matching ribbon to make it more decorative.  I knew I wouldn’t have the whole canopy in most shots, so I didn’t see it as necessary. It happened to be a very breezy day, because of this, we used the safety pins again, only this time on the inner bottom to tie the looped rope to attach the canopy to tent stakes. I’m thinking I might use the canopy another time in the future for an outdoors newborn session. If you have questions, just let me know.

I also made paper fans and hot glued them to small dowl rods to incorporate the kids names into the session.

The lemon crisps were from this recipe and they were tasty! And easy too!

I really liked the feel of this session… sweet, bright, and sunny.

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Just had to share some sibling love from this evening. More to come!

What makes The Whimsy Tree different. . .

When someone schedules an outdoor family or little one’s session I ask some basic questions, one being “what colors does your family plan to wear?”, and sometimes I’ll even give suggestions. From that point I let my imagination run wild with ideas based on colors and their age. If parents share details about themselves or their children, it adds an extra source of inspiration that will complement their own personalities. You’re not just scheduling a session to get pictures taken, but rather, your scheduling a sort of play date. This play date will most likely have whimsical scenes or elements with different places to explore and play. You and I won’t just show up at an agreed time as if it were an average studio session, instead I will be there hours early, scouting the perfect spots and setting up different scenes before your arrival. This not only allows for more natural expressions, but becomes a fun, lasting memory of something the family’s experienced together. What’s created in the end are beautiful works of art, something worthy of hanging in your home for years to come. I know these days there so many different kinds of photographers, but as for me, there is this continuos development of style that embraces the childhood imagination and the closeness of family… this is what makes my heart happy.

The image below is a color inspiration for an upcoming Little One’s Session and it reminds me of sunshine.

A blooming orchard in Southwest Michigan seems like the perfect place to spread a quilt out and enjoy and cup of tea or a book. Springhope Farm once again made the perfect location. While the weather was rather chilly and wind brisk, the sun was delightful and the girls were thankful for it’s rays. Blooms this year were a month early so we thought we should take advantage of their beauty even with the chilly temps. Thanks for braving the cool weather girls, you’re beautiful!

If you’d like to see more of Springhope Farm, an awesome orchard in Galien Michigan, click  here!

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