Just had to share some sibling love from this evening. More to come!

I had the opportunity a few weeks ago to photograph grandparents day at a local private school. While studio lit formal portraiture is not something I regularly do, I enjoyed it. I wanted to play it safe with the background color, BUT also incorporate a bit of my style. The backdrop idea is originally from this pin, however she must have changed her link, and it seems to have disappeared all together. These simple paper fans are made from inexpensive white paper towels, around 50 sheets of them. It seems like the cheaper the paper towel is, the better, since softness isn’t something you want for this project. This is an extremely budget friendly backdrop at a cost of around $4.00 for the paper towels and glue sticks for the hot glue gun. We had everything else. I simply made various sized paper fans and pinned them all over the white fabric I use on our backdrop frame. While this project was a tad bit labor intensive, I think it’s still worth it, and if your well organized, you can carefully stack and store the paper fans in boxes for the next use. You can also make them with colorful scrapbook paper and insert popsicle sticks where the two pieces of paper meet, this will allow them to fold up and store more easily – like traditional paper fans. I used the paper fans again for the testing session below with Sarah. If they happen to be used again sometime, I’m thinking of spray painting some for a touch of color. For more details, just check out the last image – an animated gif. Most images were photographed with our Canon 5d mii and the Lensbaby Composer Pro with Double Glass.

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My new business cards are consistent with The Whimsy Tree identity and you’ll see familiar elements from the website. Hand drawn illustrations by my hubby and I, with a slight vintage feel. These business cards were printed on watercolor paper and came just in time for the art show which is this coming Saturday. Click the link for more details.

In case you didn’t know, all maternity and newborn sessions include an 11×14 print from each session. Here are the Baldwins.

Here are a few dresses I just finished for a birthday girl. Fabrics were chosen by the client and picked with the birthday girl in mind. Her initials are ABC and the client was able to find an adorable cotton print to match. I usually don’t take custom orders but an exception was made when a cousin requested a unique gift for her niece. All three dresses have matching bloomers. I took these images the evening before she picked them up, while the sun was going down. I love that evening glow… so pretty! I’m thinking that I need this first dress in my size!