We met on an unusually warm day at the beach in Chesterton. I had expected a rather empty beach, but instead found that many were out and about enjoying the sweet sunshine and mild air. Jill, a senior at LaCrosse, has to have one of the pretties smiles I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Right off the bat I could tell she’s one of those happy-go-lucky girls. A delight to work with! The subtle colors of sunset appeared over the glasslike water, and set the mood for the session. It was a day to rejoice in one last hurrah before winters blanket decended. I think that’s one good reason to spin about, don’t you?


It’s been such a fast year, and look how big he’s gotten! Here’s a sneak peek of Asher’s last Grow With Me Session, as he is now 1! Check back for the full session!

Just had to share some sibling love from this evening. More to come!

Avant Gardens was the perfect spring location for this family session. The tall grasses from last summer were soft and golden among all the fresh green coming in. It provided a perfect backdrop for a bit of fun with the family. The children were all so sweet and I loved seeing how they interacted with one another. Having older brothers myself, I was happy to see how affectionate the boys were to their little sister.



I’m photographing a session in a blooming orchard this week and thought I had better practice keeping my composure around bees. Whenever apple blossoms are near I can’t help but lean in and drink the scent. It’s amazing. I decided to do a bit of macro photography on those heavy blossom laden branches, and had to share space with some very busy bees. They didn’t mind me too much, and I suppose I didn’t mind them too much. Eeeks!






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