In 2012 I’ve decided to take on a few select weddings and engagement sessions. Here is my very first engagement session from this past week. I love natural light and the way it can evoke emotion and give a certain “feel” to an image. Before a session I normally try to pray and ask God to be my master lighter. Honestly, this time I had forgotten to ask that, but once again God showed favor and mercy on me. I’m amazed at how much he continues to bless me in this fairly new endeavor! He also blessed me with an awesome assistant for the session, my husband. Some of these images remind me of this Pride and Prejudice movie, at the end when the two main characters finally meet at dawn. Anyways, back to the reason for the session in the first place! Matt and Ashley are so natural together, as they should be of course. Love is multifaceted, but for the most part, I consider it a serious, deep sort of emotion. I believe these images portray that emotion perfectly and with all the passion and excitement one could hope for.

… and two shall become one…wedding post coming soon.


In case you were wondering about who The Whimsy Tree is… well it’s me, Elicia… and my husband Nathan (not pictured – someone has to be behind the lens!)… We’re a Christian couple who live in North Judson, Indiana, but offer photography and graphic design services anywhere!

When I was little I had a “thinking tree”. It was a poplar in the backyard that I could always run to when I was upset, and more often, a place to play and daydream. Now, I have The Whimsy Tree – a place where all my daydreaming comes to fruition. I’ve claimed Psalm 1:3 as my business verse because I want to be productive with the gifts God has given me.

I have an education in graphic design, and art, but have also always had a love for photography. After 4 years working as a designer and retoucher for another photographer – I felt that I had learned enough to start my own business. I offer design services for my photography clients, business owners and other photographers. In addition to design and photography, I am a self taught seamstress. I currently enjoy making baby clothes in an effort to prepare for my 6 children (someday). My husband, who frequently assists me, also has an education in graphic design but is aspiring to become a cinematographer. You can learn more about what we offer, including pricing, by clicking the links for design, photography and handmade, above.

I want to offer something different in photography. I want the ethereally bathed images we help create to have a feeling of curiosity, whimsy, purity and enchantment. I am a childhood and family photographer. Childhood is in my opinion that absolute best period in life to photograph. My favorite images are one’s that are captured in a moment of play. I love creating whimsical places to play, where little one’s can explore and show their true personalities. I also love creating those timeless family portraits. My favorite location for sessions is in nature and are timed according to light. Most clients have me select a location because the’ve come to respect my eye for enchanting locations. Most of all, I want to tell a story, a story about you and your family.  I know that life is brief, and how important it can be to take the opportunity to capture a moment in time with your family. I promise you won’t regret it. You can contact me at to schedule your one of a kind session.

from The Whimsy Tree on Vimeo.

ps. Nathan filmed, edited, and wrote the music for the video! See a bit more about us on our very first blog post!

Brogan was one busy boy. Not only is he walking at one year, but talking a bit too. I love seeing all the different personalities of little one’s. He kept me very busy and was very happy with his cupcake, as you’ll see. Here are some favorites from this Little One’s Session.







Lensbaby contacted me to see about featuring one of my images in their gallery and their Facebook. They chose the one on the right. To see more from this session, click here. And be sure to “like” my Facebook page if you like my work.

When I heard Georgia was coming for Christmas, I knew we had to plan a special session. I’ve been longing to do a fairytale/bridal inspired session, and Georgia was perfect for it. While my original idea was a strapless champagne colored gown, we ended up with a sweet glitzy golden gown. I mentally sewed the dress days before, and for the most part, it only took a day to actually sew. Besides making the dress, I also made a small gold leaf tiara, and did her hair and makeup. We started off in a field and then headed into the forest. The weather forecast said it would be cloudy with a chance for a rain/snow mix, but we were very thankful for the puffy clouds and occasional bursts of sun rays. I immediately thought of this french impressionist painting when we started. I only wish we could have had a parasol! Georgia’s visits always seem to fly by so quickly, and I’m left with that bittersweet feeling.

I’ve been trying to find a photographic style that fits The Whimsy Tree and I feel like this session is getting closer to the look that fits me as an artist.  I’m still swooning over the ethereal feel of the images and am excited to begin the new year and create more wonderful imagery. If you haven’t checked the new pricing for 2012, you can find it here.

P.S. Georgia will be graduating from college in the spring of 2012, and looking for a full time graphic design position in Boston. Any inquiries can be emailed to

Nature’s first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
-Robert Frost