Rain, rain! It seemed like this session just wasn’t going to happen with the crazy weather we’ve had. It did however, provide time for a handmade dress, and ties to match. I also found a tiny piano, which fit perfectly since Lincoln’s mom plays piano at church. This North Judson family session was full of sunny moments, despite the torrential rain only moments earlier. Here are some of my favorites!

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I decided to take some images during, and after Winter Storm Saturn (why are they naming every storm?). I believe this was North Judson’s largest snowfall this winter, and we were all very excited (even though it felt like only half of what we would normally get in Rolling Prairie!). This conveniently happened on Tuesday to Wednesday, making it perfect for one final wednesday walk series for the winter. The later images were taken by Nathan.

north judson winter north judson winter north judson winternorth judson winter

Here is part one of my time with Dariane. See part two here. We were all rather excited that it snowed a little bit for us, but it was cold. Dariane sure was a trooper! And loooooovely! Last month I found a perfect pale peach gown at my favorite antique store, for $1.50… however, it had a very low cut detailed lace top, and wasn’t the look I wanted. So I did a bit of upcyling and cut the top portion of the dress off for a later use, then added an tiny elastic band to the new waist. This made a perfectly silky- flowing skirt. We added a lace top from forever 21 and vuala. I like snowy sessions, don’t you?!

north judson seniordariane_20130205_053 dariane_20130205_061 dariane_20130205_064 dariane_20130205_073 dariane_20130205_077 dariane_20130205_094 dariane_20130205_102 dariane_20130205_105 dariane_20130205_118north judson photographer

This is the latter portion of my shoot with Dariane. The snow flurried sky was becoming dark quickly so we took to the field behind my parents with haste. I love the images we had captured for having such little time. Of course it always helps when your subject has such a pretty smile and gorgeous blue eyes. I’ll be sharing the first part of the shoot next week.

north judson student dariane_20130205_012dariane_20130205_015dariane_20130205_021 dariane_20130205_037

What a fun location for a little one’s/maternity session! Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum in North Judson was the perfect place for this family. There were plenty of places to explore and all the bright colors made it all the more interesting. I’m so glad the mom suggested it! Because the location was already so rich with things to keep a toddler busy, I scaled down on the props. I brought along a vintage suitcase, a quilt, and a few cars from my dads vintage train set. Although I live in North Judson, and had passed by the station numerous times, I had not actually stopped to see how cool the place was. I think this handsome toddler had a blast exploring!