We met on an unusually warm day at the beach in Chesterton. I had expected a rather empty beach, but instead found that many were out and about enjoying the sweet sunshine and mild air. Jill, a senior at LaCrosse, has to have one of the pretties smiles I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Right off the bat I could tell she’s one of those happy-go-lucky girls. A delight to work with! The subtle colors of sunset appeared over the glasslike water, and set the mood for the session. It was a day to rejoice in one last hurrah before winters blanket decended. I think that’s one good reason to spin about, don’t you?


It’s been such a fast year, and look how big he’s gotten! Here’s a sneak peek of Asher’s last Grow With Me Session, as he is now 1! Check back for the full session!

I had stumbled upon Lavender Hill Farm in Niles Michigan while searching for some new exciting locations, and when this little one turned nine months, his parents and I thought this would be a great location for their session. While the lavender season had just ended, the farm was still a very pretty location. It was a wonderful place for a child to explore. Asher has hit those great little milestones that come for most nine month old babies… crawling, smiling, and occasionally showing off his new teeth. It’s a wonderful age in life to capture. I love seeing babies grow! And before you know it, it will be time for his one year session!

Here is a sneak peek of Asher’s nine month session. More to come!

I could tell right away that this couple had a tender sweetness about them. Amy and I had collaborated through email and various Pinterest boards for this session. I love when clients and I have similar visions for their session. Amy wanted to incorporate things that were meaningful, like a quilt her grandmother made, and certain scriptures from the Bible. I knew  I needed an open field of something tall and swaying. I found the perfect location in San Pierre, Indiana, and it even had a field of sunflowers, as well as an open field of queen anne’s lace. We set out a bit before sunset, and even though the forecast called for clear weather, it quickly clouded up. I try before many of my sessions to pray and ask God to be my master lighter. Because I am a natural light photographer I cannot control the lighting, so I work with it and learn how to best use it. I remember seeing those clouds and thinking, okay God, you must have a plan. And He did! When I started processing the images I saw it right away. The sky was vivid and romantic, which really sets the tone to these passionate images. God can definitely produce a scene that metaphorically shows us the love a couple has for one another. Thanks Amy and Brandon for letting me capture your sweet love story!