Beach sessions are fun! When Kelsey decided she wanted a beach location for her senior session, I instantly thought of Indiana Dunes State Park  in Chesterton. I’ve been there a few times for some rest and recreation, and had discovered some great little sand covered pathways along pretty trees with sunshine peeking from above the leaves, lighting the way through the tops of the dunes. The scenes of the beach from the tops of the dunes is something so peaceful and serene. It makes you want to sit and just watch the sunset. It makes hard to get through a session without stopping to watch the sun glistened water, but onward we went. God has a way of setting a scene to perfectly match a session.

Kelsey is, of course, a senior this year at Knox High School. She plans to go to college for physical therapy, and I believe this profession choice will suit her well. While I was only able to spend a couple of hours with Kelsey for her session, I could tell she is very kind and gentle. She also braved climbing the steep dunes with my assistant and I, so we could get some fun shots from the top, and trust me it was not easy carrying equipment and bags with hot sand beneath you. All in all it was worth it, and we had a wonderful time. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

When Sarah comes to visit, I use it as an excuse to do some testing as she is very willing to play the role of any character I dream up. I happened to have a dress that fit her – yes even though I’m 28, I can still somehow manage to fit into the same clothes as a 13 year old. The dress had a slight vintage feel to it, so to continue the feel we curled some soft waves, braided a bit and made a wildflower crown.While many photographers have children of their own to photograph any time they wish, I do not yet have this opportunity, so Sarah makes for the perfect model to experiment with. Sarah and I explored various parts of the property surrounding my parent’s home and ended the woodland walk on the Skinny Road glowing with the evening sun.


I’m a big fan of imagination. I love books and how your minds eye can create the scene and characters, and really make a book come alive. Sessions are kind of like reading and writing books for me. I have certain things in mind to help create a story, but as the session begins, the story unfolds into something magical – always based on the characters in the story, a child or a family. They help me write the story. One of the props I brought to this session was a yellow parasol. I had expected to use it in someway, and I’m so glad I was able to watch Abbi’s little story unfold. I call the series Dancing on Sunshine.