This little lady has to be one of the most adorable babies ever! I made a little dress for her 9 month session, out of a vintage sheet and vintage table runner. She looked like a little doll with her vintage bonnet and flutter sleeves. While she felt a little out of place in the grassy Norwayne Field, with the help of some cheerleaders, we made the best of her absolute cuteness and lovely sunset lighting.

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When I’m able to photograph a family over an extended period of time, I always love seeing how children grow. Here’s what my 2 hours with this little one was like…

Malia, age two. Enjoys finding cookies and milk. She doesn’t cry over spilled milk, in-fact she might see it as an opportunity to hydrate the grass.  She’s a big girl. She’s quite serious, but quite silly. She’s terribly sweet just like her momma. Oh that smile. Loves checking on her horses. Loves to explore. A big fan of balloons.

I love watching this family grow.

Our adventures took place at Bendix Woods  and it was the perfect location for this spring Little One’s Session. I created a canopied “set” to have cookies and lemonade under, though as it turned out, there was just too much to explore. A mentor once told me that photographers wear many hats. At the time I didn’t know how true that was. For this session I wore the sprinter hat, one I have worn a few times previously with toddlers. We chased three year old Wyatt, back and forth on the green lawn, and all the while, I think he was having a rather good time. His sweet smile tells it all. Abbi, his sister, was ready at a moments notice to strike a pose, or chase after her brother. The session ended with Abbi floating away with the wind, or perhaps that was just pretend. Thanks Abbi and Wyatt for making this adorable session!


Just had to share some sibling love from this evening. More to come!