Today was a perfect day for editing as it rained for most of it. As I’m writing this, the sun is getting ready to set and what a beautiful end to a rainy day.  I’m listening to the Walter Mitty soundtrack (have you seen the movie?!) and editing a bit more of last night’s family session… this one’s drenched in sunshine.

This image for some reason makes me think of God’s love… and how He really does pour it on us…like sunshine streaming down.

I love this family. I’ve been able to photograph them several times now and see the little one’s grow. I love how sweet this momma is, and what a precious moment to capture. More to come!

storytelling northwest indiana photographer

I’ve photographed these children a numbers of times over the three years I’ve been photographing. Look how they’ve grown! And goodness, look how much I’ve grown as a photographer! This, however, was my first time photographing the whole family. I have three older brothers, and this is my eldest. Fall color’s were definitely at their prime and we had some pretty locations for the session. Here are a few of my favorites from the session.


This Farmall has been in the family for some time. It was my Papaw’s on my moms side. I thought I’d share an image of it’s early days to note it’s importance. It’s been fully restored now and it’s quiet the beauty, if you’d say that about a tractor…

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 northwest indiana family photographer


I love that this family traveled several hours to do their session on their family’s farm in Francesville. I love the idea of capturing the old home place and sharing your memories with your children. Another thing that struck me about this family is their love and joy. They really are a sweet family, and I’m so glad they chose me to photograph their story. Here’s a little sneak peek of some of our adventures that day…

gathering family_campfire


We thought this day might be rainy day #2, but the rain stopped and gave us little bursts of sun. Indiana Dunes is a great beach for doing family portraits because you have an expanse of beach front, and the gorgeous dunes. This family, besides being picture perfect, was a blast to photograph. The children were so easy going and pleasant to interact with. I love families that love each other. Here are a few more favorites from the day. See more images from this session on Facebook.

king_20130907_027 king_20130907_119 king_20130907_129 king_20130907_150 copy


Rain, rain! It seemed like this session just wasn’t going to happen with the crazy weather we’ve had. It did however, provide time for a handmade dress, and ties to match. I also found a tiny piano, which fit perfectly since Lincoln’s mom plays piano at church. This North Judson family session was full of sunny moments, despite the torrential rain only moments earlier. Here are some of my favorites!

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