Dariane and Dakota are my second cousins. The first time I remember seeing them was years ago when they came to show our Papaw Jordan their tiny kittens. The girls are much bigger now but still so sweet. I love photographing sisters! I have always wanted a large family, and the idea of having several little girls sounds wonderful. I have 3 older brothers, so I don’t know what the experience is of having a sister, but I’m pretty sure the relationship between them is something wonderful.

Just before sunset, we headed out to the Kankakee River on 39, outside of North Judson, with a picnic basket full of flowers, some strawberries, and vintage soda’s (from Piggies & Cream at the Point). It was great seeing the girls again and having the opportunity to photograph them!

North Judson Photographer

I met the McIndoo family at Wilson Park in Mishawaka, for one last romp in the great outdoors while the weather was still nice. Since there’s two adorable little ladies in the family, we started on a hillside under a tree with a girly sort of setting. However, this setting did not last long, because the eldest was quite the explorer. We ran all over the open field, and then ventured into the woods to chase that golden evening glow that I love so much. Here are my favorites from the session!


Here is a sneak peak of a lovely family portrait session from this past weekend at Wilson Park in Mishawaka. More to come!

This family portrait session took place on the Yellow River Road property. The warm light in this session was just wonderful! It reminded me a bit of Rembrandt’s colors. The Banks family is one family I loved working with. They just happen to be my family but I really do think they are kind, down to earth people. I noticed a while ago that their children are the most well behaved kids ever. I’m told that not only are they good kids, but they’re really smart. Natalie, a natural around the camera, loves to read and is a bit shy, like me! Noah has always been in high ability classes, loves sports, and playing guitar with his dad. Whether its grocery shopping or traveling, the family loves to do things together. They even agreed to have a picnic with my mini homemade apple pies. I hope they’ll love these images as much as I do! Enjoy!

P.S. Keep an eye out for another blog post on a special little project we worked on with this family.

north judson photographer

It really is gorgeous weather for a family portrait. Here is a little sneak peek of a session from this past weekend. More to come!