It wasn’t really a holiday, but Georgia came for a visit, so we had to do some testing. I love being able to work on personal projects and Georgia is always the perfect model for them. I cleared time in my schedule, for “Georgia time”, which of course included a few visits to Temple for their amazing mochas, a trip to Chicago, eating spaghetti squash, and apple picking at Garwood Orchard. It was great having some fun personal time, since the summer has been so busy with work. We also managed to shoot some segments for my upcoming promo video. Here’s a teaser image of one of the sessions at a marsh in North Judson. This one was taken early in the morning just as the fog lifted. She’s wearing a handmade vintage dress of my mothers. My Mamaw Jordan made this and I’m so glad mom kept it.

Beach sessions are fun! When Kelsey decided she wanted a beach location for her senior session, I instantly thought of Indiana Dunes State Park  in Chesterton. I’ve been there a few times for some rest and recreation, and had discovered some great little sand covered pathways along pretty trees with sunshine peeking from above the leaves, lighting the way through the tops of the dunes. The scenes of the beach from the tops of the dunes is something so peaceful and serene. It makes you want to sit and just watch the sunset. It makes hard to get through a session without stopping to watch the sun glistened water, but onward we went. God has a way of setting a scene to perfectly match a session.

Kelsey is, of course, a senior this year at Knox High School. She plans to go to college for physical therapy, and I believe this profession choice will suit her well. While I was only able to spend a couple of hours with Kelsey for her session, I could tell she is very kind and gentle. She also braved climbing the steep dunes with my assistant and I, so we could get some fun shots from the top, and trust me it was not easy carrying equipment and bags with hot sand beneath you. All in all it was worth it, and we had a wonderful time. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

Maybe I have a bit of my Mamaw Jordan in me, but I think I have a floral addiction. From floral patterns to flowers in nature… I happen to love flowers. So much so that whenever a flower blooms, if at all possible, I make it a point to photograph it. Because I have an ever growing collection, I’ve decided to offer fine art canvases of the flowers. I’ll be showing them here, but also on Facebook in a special album labeled fine art nature. If you have a specific flower you would like but don’t see, let’s discuss finding this flower for me to photograph!

Available sizes and prices will be at the bottom of this post. These prices will only be available through the month of May. So if you fancy flowers yourself and would like to order something, you can email me at, or call me at 219-851-1466.

Canvas Gallery Wraps (1.25 ” depth, ready to hang)

  • 10×10 $33
  • 12×12 $36
  • 11×14 $37
  • 16×16 $40
  • 16×20 $43
  • 20×20 $48
  • 20×24 $50
  • 24×30 $60

Shipping runs about $30 (not included in the price), but only $15 if you are local (46366) and would like to pick up.

*Some flowers have sizing limits depending on image crops, so the size of gallery wrap may depend on the flower.