This little lady has to be one of the most adorable babies ever! I made a little dress for her 9 month session, out of a vintage sheet and vintage table runner. She looked like a little doll with her vintage bonnet and flutter sleeves. While she felt a little out of place in the grassy Norwayne Field, with the help of some cheerleaders, we made the best of her absolute cuteness and lovely sunset lighting.

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Today I was preparing to ship a cd of images out and had to capture another aspect of why I love my job. I think of it kind of like Christmas, and the experience of unwrapping a gift. You’ve invested in custom portraiture, and I believe every aspect of your experience should be delightful, and be a reflection of The Whimsy Tree! I love details!

the whimsy tree

We met on an unusually warm day at the beach in Chesterton. I had expected a rather empty beach, but instead found that many were out and about enjoying the sweet sunshine and mild air. Jill, a senior at LaCrosse, has to have one of the pretties smiles I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. Right off the bat I could tell she’s one of those happy-go-lucky girls. A delight to work with! The subtle colors of sunset appeared over the glasslike water, and set the mood for the session. It was a day to rejoice in one last hurrah before winters blanket decended. I think that’s one good reason to spin about, don’t you?


It’s been such a fast year, and look how big he’s gotten! Here’s a sneak peek of Asher’s last Grow With Me Session, as he is now 1! Check back for the full session!

I love photographing newborns! While it may require plenty of patience, it’s so rewarding. Being able to capture new blessings in families brings joy to my heart! In the downtime of waiting for feedings, diaper changes, etc. with baby Colton, we thought it would be good opportunity to photograph Canaan in his backyard. We brought along the tent for some play time. You can see more of this family from this session.

Meet Canaan’s little brother Colton! 8 days old! He had some of the sweetest expressions!