I can’t believe how quickly the fall foliage has come and gone. I’m already missing that warm sunshine and green grass. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been very good about updating the blog. You’ll see most of our recent work on the business facebook page. You might want to Like us if you haven’t already because we have huge changes coming.

Here are a couple image from a twin senior session last week. We really had to hunt for leaves!

senior twins
fall senior session 2

Fall is approaching quickly which means it is the perfect time to schedule a Fall Session. The last several weeks have been full of high school senior sessions, and I am soooo behind in blogging. If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen a number of updates that have not yet made it to the Storybook blog. New blogs are coming, I promise! For now, here’s one image from a North Judson senior session a couple days ago. It was suppose to be a rainy day, and look how it turned out! See more this evening on the Facebook page.




It’s Prom Season and I looove Prom Sessions! I love it even more when the weather cooperates, and it did just that. We had a gorgeous sunset, and a warm breeze this evening. We did have to battle swarms of mosquitos (mostly non-biting), but I had a blast with Robbie and Kloee. Here’s a sneak peek!




“The beauty of winter is that it makes you appreciate spring.” L.M. Montgomery

I know according to the calendar it says it is now spring, but you might have found that hard to believe with those gigantic snow flakes falling earlier today. Sarah was here last night, and we had to work on a few more additions to a personal project we’ve been working on for… over a year. She was a brave soul in her lace dress and spring jacket… in 35 degree weather. She agreed to cooperate with hair, makeup, and modeling, in less than ideal temperatures, for payment of warm cookies and milk. You got it.

north judson senior photographer


I photographed these two girls together last year, but my how they’ve blossomed!

I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again. Sisters are awesome. The bond between them is so wonderful. I can’t really speak from experience having 3 older brothers, but I’ve watched it with my mom and her sisters, and many clients who are blessed to have a sister… They share such a sweet connection.

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