We received a gift certificate this summer from a sweet friend and client, for Tryon Farm Guest House, a bed and breakfast in Michigan City. We decided to save it, and use it for our fifth wedding anniversary. This was our first experience with a bed and breakfast and we’re sure to do it again! The farm house was full of charm. We especially loved the outdoor space and soaked in the peace and quiet on the foot trails. And the goats! Here’s a look at our little get away…

tryon_falltryon farm guest housetryon_sky

Chickens are difficult to work with. My parents chickens stay in a pen and occasionally in the evenings they are let out to free range. On this particular evening, the girls (as we call them), we so excited to be out that they were not at all enticed with my tiny cup of bait. After quiet a show including my mother clanking on multiple cups of leftover goulash, we had a brief moment of baby meets chickens. Miss Ellia brought her grandma’s apron for the dirty task of gather eggs (hard boiled of course), and then required a bath in the sunset glow of the forest.


apron: vintage


lilac swiss dot, and blue dress: from The Whimsy Tree’s vintage collection


top knot headband: handmade by The Whimsy Tree


floral headband: Maya’s Curls

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“I like adventures, and I’m going to find some.” Louisa May Alcott

more to come…


Northwest Indiana Photographer

I came across this quote from George MacDonald (a favorite author), and it felt just right for how I’ve been feeling. Let me be a busy bee, content in my work and forgetful of the things I have not, grateful for what I do have.

“Let me, if I may, be ever welcomed to my room in winter by a glowing hearth, in summer by a vase of flowers. If I may not, let me think how nice they would be and bury myself in my work. I do not think that the road to contentment lies in despising what we have not got. Let us acknowledge all good, all delight that the worlds holds, and be content without it.”

― George MacDonald