We’re going to be working on a new spring project with Miss Sarah, so I was looking through this past session with her and thought I’d share some of the images that you didn’t see in the original post (there were so many). So loving the green in these images!

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Just by looking out the window you’d think we were still in the middle of winter, but as of March 20th, It’s officially Spring!

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Here is part one of my time with Dariane. See part two here. We were all rather excited that it snowed a little bit for us, but it was cold. Dariane sure was a trooper! And loooooovely! Last month I found a perfect pale peach gown at my favorite antique store, for $1.50… however, it had a very low cut detailed lace top, and wasn’t the look I wanted. So I did a bit of upcyling and cut the top portion of the dress off for a later use, then added an tiny elastic band to the new waist. This made a perfectly silky- flowing skirt. We added a lace top from forever 21 and vuala. I like snowy sessions, don’t you?!

north judson seniordariane_20130205_053 dariane_20130205_061 dariane_20130205_064 dariane_20130205_073 dariane_20130205_077 dariane_20130205_094 dariane_20130205_102 dariane_20130205_105 dariane_20130205_118north judson photographer

This is the latter portion of my shoot with Dariane. The snow flurried sky was becoming dark quickly so we took to the field behind my parents with haste. I love the images we had captured for having such little time. Of course it always helps when your subject has such a pretty smile and gorgeous blue eyes. I’ll be sharing the first part of the shoot next week.

north judson student dariane_20130205_012dariane_20130205_015dariane_20130205_021 dariane_20130205_037

It’s nearing 2013 and I thought it would be appropriate to take a look back at 2012. I’m so blessed to have such great clients, and its always wonderful to meet and work with so many different families. The good Lord blessed me with another great year and I’m eagerly anticipating all that the new year brings.