I just loved this session. I had several detail images that I didn’t include in the session blog post, but thought it might be great for a blog on details from styled sessions.

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{what is a styled session}

A styled session with The Whimsy Tree means that there is some sort of feeling, emotion, story, or theme, that you’re wanting the images to contain, and thus requires my artistic vision and pre-planning to create a sort of “scene”. For instance, if you’re an engaged couple and love the feel of the movie The Notebook, we would incorporate elements into the session that would create that feeling. Something like vintage clothing, hairstyles, prop elements like an old quilt, fishing poles, coca-cola glass bottles on an old crate, and of course a specific location like a grassy bank next to a river… all of these as components build a sort of “set” to tell a story. And lighting of course! I almost always photograph around sunset time for best lighting. These elements are all things that we discuss, and plan prior to the session. Styled sessions often cost more than regular sessions because many times you’ll need to purchase clothing to create the look you’d like, or specific props that are beyond what I have in my ever-growing collection. Sometimes it’s really simple styling, and sometimes it’s more elaborate depending on specific style and theme.

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shabby chic baby_01 shabby chic baby_02 shabby chic baby_03 shabby chic baby_04 shabby chic baby_05

When Ellia’s mom Angie approached me about being her event planner for one special birthday party, it was really just confirmation of something that I had been thinking about for years. I have such a broad skill set… photography, graphic design, sewing, decorating, baking, a tinge of floral design, prop creator… and I felt that I was only using a percentage of what I can do. Someone gave a word of knowledge at church one sunday morning, of just that, not using all of your God given talents, and that same day the birth of the northwest indiana event stylist, southwest michigan event stylist, was born.

I’ll be adding selective Event Styling & Planning to my service offerings when we transition to the new website. For now, if you have questions, feel free to email me…

I love this family! They really are such sweet people, and their darling Ellia was going to have one fabulous party to celebrate her first birthday, and the completion of their family. The theme was shabby chic baby, which I of course already was enthralled with. It really was a perfect fit and I loved every. single. detail.

The event was for 50, and held at Knox Community Center. Angie was able to borrow all the china, silverware, and numerous other pretties from various sweet ladies. With the help of my husband Nathan, and my mother too, I styled the room, and had everything set up and ready for the family to just walk in.

I’m still swooning over the wonderful memories from the day… like their sweet faces when they first saw the room, and the general delight of the guests. It was dreamy!

see Ellia’s one year session here.

-handmade white swiss dot dress and diaper cover, handmade cake smash outfit, handmade hair accessories, handmade dessert table backdrop quilt, dessert table decor, pound cake, brownie mini cakes, apothecary jar fillers, party favors, floral design, event styling, photography, hand illustration, and graphic design… by The Whimsy Tree.

-floral supply from Main Street Floral and Gifts in North Judson

-cake by Sharon Sawaya
(our cake lady for years now)

-cupcake from Designer Desserts

-two benches made by Angie’s mom

with that… here are just a few favorites…

invitation_thankyou001_valdez_20130728_045_01 002_valdez_20130728_041_02 003_valdez_20130728_005_03 004_valdez_20130728_047_04 005_valdez_20130728_050_05 006_valdez_20130728_044_06 007_valdez_20130728_052_07 008_valdez_20130728_014_08 009_valdez_20130728_030_09 010_valdez_20130728_056_10 011_valdez_20130728_019_11 012_valdez_20130728_011_12 013_valdez_20130728_043_13 014_valdez_20130728_024_14 015_valdez_20130728_055_15 016_valdez_20130728_025_16 017_valdez_20130728_017_17 018_valdez_20130728_034_18 019_valdez_20130728_033_19 020_valdez_20130728_021_20 021_valdez_20130728_075_21 022_valdez_20130728_170_22 023_valdez_20130728_053_23 024_valdez_20130728_184_24 025_valdez_20130728_203_25 026_valdez_20130728_235_26 027_valdez_20130728_268_27 028_valdez_20130728_330_28 029_valdez_20130728_459_29 030_valdez_20130728_379_30 

It was rather difficult waiting to blog this session! Everything was just so dreamy… the baby, the dresses, the styling, the light, the location…*sigh* There were many sweet one’s from this session, but I’ve only included my absolute favorites. In fact I’ll be posting three more sessions from this family!!! If you missed Ellia’s nine month session, go check it out here.

This was one hot day, and one of my new assistants, Mr. Kitty, sure came in handy. I’ll be posting some adorable kitty and baby outtakes later on Facebook so watch for that! Alright stop reading and go swoon over this adorably sweet baby girl!

*Both baby dresses, hair accessories, tent, and session styling by The Whimsy Tree. Floral supply Main Street Floral and Gifts.

ellia_01 ellia_02 ellia_03 ellia_04 ellia_05 ellia_06 ellia_07 ellia_08 ellia_09 ellia_10 ellia_11 ellia_12 ellia_13 ellia_14 ellia_15 ellia_18north judson children’s photographer

Rain, rain! It seemed like this session just wasn’t going to happen with the crazy weather we’ve had. It did however, provide time for a handmade dress, and ties to match. I also found a tiny piano, which fit perfectly since Lincoln’s mom plays piano at church. This North Judson family session was full of sunny moments, despite the torrential rain only moments earlier. Here are some of my favorites!

stacy_20130628_057_01 stacy_20130628_079_02 stacy_20130628_101_03 stacy_20130628_113_04 stacy_20130628_137_05 stacy_20130628_138_06 stacy_20130628_142m_07 stacy_20130628_167_08 stacy_20130628_168_09 stacy_20130628_216_10 stacy_20130628_204_11 stacy_20130628_203_13 stacy_20130628_184_12stacy_20130628_044_14

Lucy was sooo sweet! And such a good girl for her session! She didn’t mind trying on all the bonnets, most of which I made and will be for sale this summer. She showed me her smile, her grumpy face, and her sleepy face. It was so nice to meet you Lucy!

harbor country photographer 01 harbor country photographer 02 harbor country photographer 03 harbor country photographer 04 harbor country photographer 05 harbor country photographer 06 harbor country photographer 07 harbor country photographer 08 harbor country photographer 09 harbor country photographer 10 harbor country photographer 11 harbor country photographer 12 harbor country photographer 13


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