I photographed these two girls together last year, but my how they’ve blossomed!

I’ve said it before, and I have to say it again. Sisters are awesome. The bond between them is so wonderful. I can’t really speak from experience having 3 older brothers, but I’ve watched it with my mom and her sisters, and many clients who are blessed to have a sister… They share such a sweet connection.

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We thought this day might be rainy day #2, but the rain stopped and gave us little bursts of sun. Indiana Dunes is a great beach for doing family portraits because you have an expanse of beach front, and the gorgeous dunes. This family, besides being picture perfect, was a blast to photograph. The children were so easy going and pleasant to interact with. I love families that love each other. Here are a few more favorites from the day. See more images from this session on Facebook.

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Nothing says ‘end of summer’ like an apple orchard, overalls, goldenrod, and sunshine. It’s a beautiful end to the summer. I’m glad for another season though, and I’m welcoming fall, maybe even embracing it.

This little fellow has to be one of the happiest babies I’ve ever met. And those blue eyes…oh my!

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Summer sure is winding down. We are gearing up for one busy weekend, but wanted to leave you with this happy face…