An evening with Shay {The Whimsy Tree North Judson Photographer}

Shay is such a sweet girl. She’s the sort that has a happy disposition, is energetic and outgoing without being in your face. What a pleasant teen! What’s even better is her faith. She’s a Jesus lover and I love that. I’ve known her for several years (we attend the same church), but have never really had the chance to get to know her. She’s about the same age I was when I first went on a youth group missions trip to the reservations in South Dakota. Looking back I can see myself as timid, moody, selfish, and at the same time, hungry for something, teen. Contrasting my 16 year old self, against Shay, I can already see she’s strides ahead in her character, and she’ll be a leader. What a bright future ahead of you Shay!

Last night we played with hair and makeup and set out on a playful adventure in the woods and prairie. You’ll be seeing more of Shay as an occasional model and assistant.

shay_01 shay_02 shay_03 shay_04 shay_05 shay_06 shay_07 shay_08 shay_09 shay_10shay_11 shay_12 shay_13 shay_14 shay_15 shay_16 shay_17 shay_18shay_19shay_21

{The Whimsy Tree North Judson Photographer}

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  1. Jackie Tow says:

    These are absolutely BEATUIFUL! Shay has really grown into such a gorgeous young lady. Proud to have her as a cousin!
    Love, Jackie from Alabama

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