I thought I’d share what the past couple of months have looked like.

Somethings I’m currently enjoying::

fall. this includes boots, sweaters, bonfires, cider.

fog rising as the sun comes up.

hanging out at Temple.

binge reading. yeah you read that right. I guess I’m a speed reader? Last month I read the entire hunger games series in less than a week. Hmm… What shall I read next?!

fields of goldenrod.

daydreaming. this is a good thing. especially for stress.

homemade pasta. It really is worth the effort. In the summer Nathan and I ate at Enzo’s in LaPorte (a favorite) and had a spicy sausage, sun dried tomatoes, and artichoke, pasta. Since then, I’ve made my own version of it with homemade pasta, and it’s aaaamazing.

herbalism/apothecary. Since reading the hunger games series, I’ve been studying up on edible wild plants. This could be very useful information to know! There’s even a class I can take!

Here are some images from a recent personal project. I always have a stack of personal project ideas going in my head so when Georgia visits, we always try to fit in some fun sessions. Georgia is a recent graphic design graduate, so if you’re looking for a Boston, or Chicago graphic artist, she’s your girl.

knox IN senior photographer

It wasn’t really a holiday, but Georgia came for a visit, so we had to do some testing. I love being able to work on personal projects and Georgia is always the perfect model for them. I cleared time in my schedule, for “Georgia time”, which of course included a few visits to Temple for their amazing mochas, a trip to Chicago, eating spaghetti squash, and apple picking at Garwood Orchard. It was great having some fun personal time, since the summer has been so busy with work. We also managed to shoot some segments for my upcoming promo video. Here’s a teaser image of one of the sessions at a marsh in North Judson. This one was taken early in the morning just as the fog lifted. She’s wearing a handmade vintage dress of my mothers. My Mamaw Jordan made this and I’m so glad mom kept it.