Dariane and Dakota are my second cousins. The first time I remember seeing them was years ago when they came to show our Papaw Jordan their tiny kittens. The girls are much bigger now but still so sweet. I love photographing sisters! I have always wanted a large family, and the idea of having several little girls sounds wonderful. I have 3 older brothers, so I don’t know what the experience is of having a sister, but I’m pretty sure the relationship between them is something wonderful.

Just before sunset, we headed out to the Kankakee River on 39, outside of North Judson, with a picnic basket full of flowers, some strawberries, and vintage soda’s (from Piggies & Cream at the Point). It was great seeing the girls again and having the opportunity to photograph them!

North Judson Photographer

I’m always so encouraged when people leave me lovely, kind messages about my work, and my cousin Jen did just that. She also wanted to plan a session for her daughter’s first prom. Dariane and Kaelin came all dressed up, and probably thought I was crazy with all of my ideas. Dariane has the most contagious smile! And those eyes! So pretty! Jen is the owner at Main Street Floral & Gifts and made Dariane’s gorgeous red rose bouquet, and Kaelin’s boutonniere. I wanted a background that contained some elements of  “prom”, but also one that wasn’t so typical. So I went for flowing crepe paper streamers, ribbon, sheer fabric streamers, and balloons…all outside of course. I also had some other scenes set up if time allowed for it, which it did. I spent hours the night before hand cutting little white butterflies which I then pinned to a tree. While we were all quite happy with the sunshine, it was rather hot – but no one complained! Thanks for all the fun Dariane and Kaelin!

Keep an eye out for a sister session with Dariane and sister Dakota later in the week!

Sometimes I love the images with closed eyes more than with eyes open!

Just a little fun…

…and black and white because I just couldn’t decide!

Off they go – Time for Prom!


I’m working on prom images today, and just had to share a little sneak peek. I’m loving these images! I also love that Dariane was such a good sport for all my ideas. 🙂 Keep an eye out for the full session tomorrow!

The mini accordion albums came in from this Little One’s session and I thought I’d show you a little peak! Everyone seems loves these handy albums, as they are perfect for a purse, fridge, or desk. It really is a great way to show of your family! And it comes with most sessions!

When Sarah comes to visit, I use it as an excuse to do some testing as she is very willing to play the role of any character I dream up. I happened to have a dress that fit her – yes even though I’m 28, I can still somehow manage to fit into the same clothes as a 13 year old. The dress had a slight vintage feel to it, so to continue the feel we curled some soft waves, braided a bit and made a wildflower crown.While many photographers have children of their own to photograph any time they wish, I do not yet have this opportunity, so Sarah makes for the perfect model to experiment with. Sarah and I explored various parts of the property surrounding my parent’s home and ended the woodland walk on the Skinny Road glowing with the evening sun.