Bright eyes, smiles, coo’s, hand-eating, silly faces, wiggling, and trying on daddy’s tie. I think three months is a pretty exciting time, don’t you?! Since girls seem to have all the fun with pretty headbands, I decided Asher needed some bow ties for the session so I made a couple. I think he looks quiet dashing. You can see his newborn session here.





Here’s a little preview of this cutie pie’s three month session. . .

This is my first wedding since starting The Whimsy Tree, in which I assisted a cousin as a natural light photographer. Despite having a mild winter, somehow it managed to be quite bad out, in fact I think I prayed my way through the snow for the entire trip to Koontz Lake. By the afternoon it had cleared and was sunny out. I was one of the first to arrive at the church and this provided an hour to photograph all the lovely details of the dress before the bride would need it. The dress was gorgeous and even more so on the bride. I met Matt and Ashley for their engagement session and knew right away that photographing their wedding would be in a way, a breeze, because they are so naturally photogenic, so very easy going, and fun loving. They’re a sweet couple and I enjoyed capturing their special day. Here are some of my natural light favorites from the day.






In 2012 I’ve decided to take on a few select weddings and engagement sessions. Here is my very first engagement session from this past week. I love natural light and the way it can evoke emotion and give a certain “feel” to an image. Before a session I normally try to pray and ask God to be my master lighter. Honestly, this time I had forgotten to ask that, but once again God showed favor and mercy on me. I’m amazed at how much he continues to bless me in this fairly new endeavor! He also blessed me with an awesome assistant for the session, my husband. Some of these images remind me of this Pride and Prejudice movie, at the end when the two main characters finally meet at dawn. Anyways, back to the reason for the session in the first place! Matt and Ashley are so natural together, as they should be of course. Love is multifaceted, but for the most part, I consider it a serious, deep sort of emotion. I believe these images portray that emotion perfectly and with all the passion and excitement one could hope for.

… and two shall become one…wedding post coming soon.


More to come!