All Natural Body Balm { with frankincense }

I have been on an all natural kick lately, so much so, that I’ve gotten rid of all makeup and other products containing parabens. One product that typically has parabens is moisturizers. So, I decided that for Christmas I would make a batch of frankincense moisturizer for family gifts. I’m loving it so much that I thought I would sell some in the etsy store. It’s an all purpose moisturizer and can be used for removing makeup, for lip balm, and I love using it for a facial moisturizer under my makeup. It seems to be a very strong moisturizer, so really just a dab’l-do-ya. Some may find it a bit oily, but when applied just after a bath it absorbs very nicely. The ingredients are: beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, and frankincense essential oil. For those who haven’t smelled frankincense, it’s light woodsy smell. It’s a rather expensive essential oil and apparently one that might become very rare. You can buy the body balm from me here.

I’m hoping to make a more solid version of this for lip balm, with a different scent, and may lightly tint it with mica. Keep an eye out for that in the etsy store or my homepage.

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