Little One’s Photography Session { Cousins }

With three children in this session the evening was full of excitement. Allison, Clay and Maddox are cousins, can you tell? Everyone has pretty blue eyes which matched the color scheme perfectly! Knowing the colors they were planning to wear, I developed a color scheme that would work well for boys and girls. I made a quilt top, (which I’ve decided to call the lily pad quilt), colorful pom-poms, paper fans, fabric bunting, and a bouquet of flowers. Nathan made the tent and bench just for the little ones. I think all the little details enhanced the session to create a whimsical approach to taking family photographs. As some may already know, I prefer spontaneous posing with gentle guidance. I like creating a lovely set in a pretty location and seeing how a child reacts. I would much rather have subjects that are enjoying themselves rather than working against natural inclinations.

See more details from this session here.


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  1. Melissa Crawford says:

    Dear Ms. Lunsford, My name is Melissa Crawford. I go to church with Nicki and Rusty (the parents of Maddux) and I went to school with Joey Burke (the father of Clay) both of the boys’ grandparents (Jeff and Patty Campbell) have been long family friends as well. So when I mentioned to them I also was looking for a photographer for my 3 year old daughter they jumped at the chance to tell me all about you. And I must tell you now that I have looked through your site and took a look at these photos of the boys and theyre cousin. They were absolutely right! You have a gift. Your use of light and subtle colors is breathtaking! I would like too talk to my husband and possibly retain your services in the future. If you have a brochure or any paper literature with your pricing schedule I would be happy too pick some up or would be appreciative if you could mail it too me. My address is 1211 jefferson, Laporte IN 463350. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

  2. Katie Somers says:

    I am the mother of Allison, the little girl in these pics. I was looking forward to seeing these as I was unable to be there when they were done. I love them! You did an amazing job and I love how thier blue eye just stand out. Theses are the first pictures we have had done that were not done in a studio… I dont know if I will ever go back to a franchise studio again. You capture my daughter in the most beautiful way and I cannot say Thank you enough!

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